Coffee and Galette


昨日は台湾のコーヒー中毒者の間で人気という RUFOUS COFFEE に行った後、面白いガレット屋にいきました。ガレット屋は入り口に店名もドアもなく、店のおもてに小さいテーブルが2つあるだけ。本当に小さなお店で、台湾人の間でも知る人ぞ知るお店のようです。
最近はときどき日本に行って、合羽橋で料理道具を買ったり、料理本を買うのが好きなんだとか。 連れてってくれたコーヒー好きのデザイナーLeeさん、謝謝你。

I went to RUFOUS COFFEE with a graphic designer yesterday. This coffee shop is pretty popular among coffee lover in Taiwan. We had a good coffee time there.
After that we had dinner at a small galette restaurant that has only two tables. It is an inexpensive restaurant but all menus we ordered are amazingly high quality and homemade. Actually the chef trained at Cordon bleu in Paris in the past but it is not open to the public, we don’t know why. There is no shop sign and the door in the entrance. It is just like a hideaway.
The chef said that in recent years he sometimes goes to Japan and likes to buy kitchen tools and cookbooks in Kappabashi in Tokyo. Thank you for taking me to secret restaurant, Lee.

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2015-01-20 Coffee, Food, Taiwan