Station, Museum, and Opera House

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1. 臺中車站/台中駅 (1917年) – 松崎萬長
2. 亞洲現代美術館 (2013年) – 安藤忠雄
3. 臺中國家歌劇院 (2014年) – 伊東豊雄


1. Taichung Station (1917) – Tsumunaga Matsugasaki
2. Asia Museum of Modern Art (2013) – Tadao Ando
3. Taichung Metropolitan Opera House (2014) – Toyo Ito

Weekend in Taichung. I looked from new architecture made by Japanese to the around 100 years-old other one.
Tsumunaga Matsugasaki learned architecture in Berlin and he was good at design of the German style. Though I don’t know how many times I came to the station, I look up to it everytime.
Nowadays the temperature has been over 30 degrees Celsius. I feel like summer.


2015-03-21 Architecture, Taiwan